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Wood that’s misplaced its luster may be handled with restoration merchandise from brands together with Bona, Rejuvenate, or Minwax. These merchandise are designed to fill scratches in a polyurethane topcoat. This process, performed by a professional, frivolously agitates the prevailing topcoat of polyurethane in your floors, and permits a brand new coat to be poured on high; this eliminates heavier scratches and blemishes. It’s a lot less complicated than a full refinishing, since you’re not sanding off the whole end and reapplying stain. But because it solely addresses the polyurethane topcoat, it gained’t get out any dents or injury that extend all the way in which to the wood.

She additionally notes that while tile may be beautiful, solid hardwood or excessive-quality engineered hardwood can both be sanded down and restained for a recent look. “You really need the floor to be one thing that you could love at 50, 70, or beyond,” she says. For drop-in sinks, your selections tend to be limited to stainless steel, porcelain, and enamel, which is applied over cast iron or metal but appears similar to porcelain. Solid porcelain is essentially the most breakable, but enamel sinks can still chip—you’re just less likely to damage the metal core. Stainless steel sinks are the commonest of any materials. The thickness is measured by gauge; the decrease the number, the thicker the metallic. Stainless metal can scratch, and thinner gauges can even dent.

kitchen renovation

The greater and less complicated the job, the much less you’ll generally pay per square foot. “Durability” means various things relying upon who lives in your house. Wood can scratch, and the end can wear down, but hardwoods like oak, maple, or cherry are exhausting to dent. Tile— even in pure stone choices—received’t scratch like wood, however a single dropped skillet can chip or crack a tile completely. And if a tile does break, it may be tough to exchange in a seamless method—you’ll have to have extras available to make sure a perfect match, and you’ll have to match the grout colour whenever you install the brand new tile. “I’d say the break up is about fifty-fifty between clients who favor wooden or tile,” says H-Millard.

A full refinishing is a giant project, however still normally a lot cheaper than installing a new ground. Expect to pay $3 to $8 per square foot, together with labor and materials, according to HomeAdvisor.