7 Anti-Mainstream Bathroom Tile Motifs

Want to change the look of your bathroom to be fresher? It’s easy, you can change the old bathroom tile motif with a new and anti-mainstream one. As reported by casaindonesia, many architects, interior designers, and sanitary brands treat the bathroom as the main place of relaxation. So, the selection of tiles or bathroom floors is very important to support your activities in the bathroom.

The tiles selected should be non-slip with a rough texture to avoid slipping or falling in the shower. So, are you ready to choose the right bathroom tile motif for you? Before that, let’s take a look at the following examples of inspiration.

Marble Pattern

Marble is still a favorite to use as a bathroom floor material. The marble motif itself is very suitable for use in the master bathroom because of its luxurious motif. To apply marble in the bathroom, you can refer to five-star hotels that carry the concept of luxury and relaxation in the bathroom. Marble is often installed on the floor and fused to the walls.

Hexagonal Pattern

The small hexagonal ceramic model that is applied to the bathroom not only makes the room look artistic but also comfortable. The density of this ceramic is very safe and will prevent you from slipping. As inspiration, you can use tiny hexagonal tiles with a dark overall color covering the bathroom floor and walls.

Mosaic Motif

Another choice of motifs that are currently popular is the mosaic floor with a natural and simple … Read More

7 Tips to Maximize the Function of the Foyer Area at Home

Many people are not familiar with the term home foyer. Actually, all houses must have a foyer even though the function is different because it is adjusted to the needs. If the size of your dwelling is small, of course you have to maximize the function of the foyer area at home to make it more useful without taking up too much room capacity.

The foyer area is a transitional part from the terrace into the house. There is an erroneous assumption that the foyer area is the same as the terrace. Even though the foyer is part of the interior of the house and is very different from the terrace. Well, if you want to maximize the function of the foyer area, let’s try the following practical tips.

Determine Area Size Accurately

The first thing you should do when styling a foyer is to determine its size accurately. Ideally, you do not need to leave a room capacity that is too large for the foyer area. Especially if you and your family rarely have guests. The small foyer is enough to receive guests or do other activities in the front of the interior of the house.

Using the side of the house as a foyer

In fact, the foyer area at home doesn’t have to be located right after the main door. You can set up the foyer area in other parts of the house, for example on the side of the house if you do have a side … Read More

8 Tips to Clean Your House Thoroughly to Make It More Comfortable

Keeping the house clean is very important so that you and other family members can always be comfortable doing activities in it. A clean house also helps you and your family stay healthy. Actually, there is no specific way or method to clean the house.

However, there are a few tips that can help you make this activity easier. Come on, see the guide to cleaning the house properly below!

How to clean the house so that it is free of dust and dirt

Actually, what are the characteristics of a clean house? Here are 10 principles of a clean and healthy home:

  • ventilated,
  • safe,
  • free of contamination or pollution,
  • maintained,
  • temperature is maintained,
  • easy access, and
  • affordable.

Often you are confused about where to start when you want to clean the house. Indeed, there are no definite rules for cleaning which part first.

However, it will be easier if you know how to clean the house depending on the part of the house.

In addition, small habits such as removing footwear and implementing a house cleaning schedule are no less important.

Here are various house cleaning tips that you can do.

1. Clean the bathroom

The toilet is the main part as well as the source of germs and bacteria in the bathroom.

In fact, when you use a flush, bacteria and germs will fly in the air.

To fix this, clean the door handles, faucets, and all surfaces in the bathroom using a disinfectant liquid.

In addition, to … Read More

Snohomish County Home Loans & Home Financing Options

home financing

In this arrangement, be sure to don’t lose the proper to withhold funds if the contractor’s work is not done to your satisfaction, if that was a term of your contract. HELOC rates of interest can go up and down; they’re usually pegged to banks’ prime price, which is in flip connected to the Federal Reserve’s quick-term federal funds rate. With the Fed signaling its intention to raise its rates, anticipate HELOC interest rates to rise a bit this year. Why are we probably the most sought-after bank within the home improvement industry? The CalHFA FHA Program is an FHA-insured mortgage featuring a CalHFA 30 yr fixed interest rate first mortgage. CalHFA offers a variety of mortgage programs that will help you purchase a house in California. Ohio Co-Op parks are not thought-about actual property and they don’t seem to be thought of private property or Chattel, the correct time period.

The share provides them ownership of a percentage of the park, including the roads and common areas. The land sitting under a manufactured residence in a Co-Op park isn’t owned by the home proprietor, but rather all share holders within the park. So, for instance, if the park has 300 properties, the ownership of the park is divided up into 300 shares. Because of the multiple house owners of the land, we would wish each shareholder’s permission to perform this, which isn’t possible. There are proposed law adjustments in Ohio that may open Co-Op parks to non-public property financing … Read More

What Does It Cost To Transform A Kitchen? Set Your Renovation Price Range

kitchen renovation

How much time will you spend in it and what will you do in there? So, to meet this diversity, what could possibly be better than a versatile kitchen system with cupboards that can suit everyone, and be planned to fit in nearly everywhere? No matter the dimensions of your kitchen project our reasonably priced range of appliances and fixtures will assist you to achieve the look you want. The first query to ask is whether or not your kitchen needs to be dark. “I at all times attempt to work in natural light first, then complement,” says Bertrand. “Sometimes that’s working in a skylight, or a solid financial institution of windows at the finish of a galley kitchen.” Once you’ve maxed out your pure mild, consider the way to layer mild across your space. “The idea is basically to have completely different sources of sunshine that can work independently or in tandem,” says Carnemark.

kitchen renovation

Read the directions rigorously—some sheets might harm a wall if you go to remove them. But you still gained’t should attack the wall with a chisel, as you’ll to take away traditionally set tiles. You can also contemplate less conventional options, like skinny sheets of cork board minimize to fit. No, it received’t hold up like ceramic tile or pure stone—but if you’re solely in the rental for the short term, it doesn’t must, both. From a design standpoint, quartz and marble stay the aspirational options. “Quartz really continues to take the trade by storm,” … Read More

Living Room Units

traditional living room

Sweetening the house are the partitions in ballerina pink by Benjamin Moore. The finishing touch is the elegant crown molding that takes the charming room to a complicated new degree. HavenlyMake a classy assertion with a standard interior filled with found pieces.

This bedroom featured on Havenly is nearly brimming with antiques collected throughout travels overseas. The animal print carpet, which units the color scheme, instantly grabs our eyes. Decorative equipment that cover the wall add architectural attraction. Yes AssociatesIn this huge living room by design firm, Yes Associates, a midcentury fashionable sofa is mixed with a mash-up of conventional furnishing from completely different eras. Notice the décor, though plentiful, is not cluttered but rigorously controlled and chosen with care. The result’s an eclectic, but traditional area that’s comfortable and yet elegant. Turek DesignArchitectural particulars, old world impressed furnishings, and quality supplies are all hallmarks of conventional kitchens.

This whitespace by the inside design agency, Turek Design is chock-full of tasteful elaborations. The marble backsplash has a beautiful inset around the pot filler faucet. The countertops had been cut from high quality black marble with frosty veining. The back spindle bar stools pour on the old style allure.

traditional living room

Add a fun hit of colour, wallpaper, or wooden paneling to add dramatic flair to your area. Bring texture and nuance to your kitchen walls with handmade tiles. The potentialities are vast—attempt terra-cotta or cement in colours that range the rainbow—although we lean towards extra impartial hues. My front room units are … Read More