4 Advantages of Minimalist Level Home Renovations

Limited land is often the reason for some people to renovate a minimalist Home Renovations level house. In addition to making the appearance of the house more attractive, the minimalist level house model also includes a design that will not be timeless.

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As the name implies, minimalist design is a design model that is hinted at by austerity in make-up. This design model is generally synonymous with the use of functional furniture, items with simple shapes, and a mixture of undertones and neutrals. That’s why a minimalist level house is usually synonymous with a minimalist style, which in principle minimizes the use of non-functional elements.

It is not surprising that at this time there are still many people who prefer the minimalist level model of the house compared to the other models. Renovating a minimalist level house is also the choice of people because it is considered more affordable than having to buy a new house.

If you have land to build, it’s a good idea to think about renovating a minimalist level house with a mature design. Not only are the costs incurred much more affordable, home renovation to a minimalist level can also provide benefits for you.

Advantages of Minimalist Level Home Renovations

Here are some of the advantages that you can have when renovating a minimalist level house, including:

The zone becomes wider

The initial advantage that you can have when renovating a minimalist level house is that the living area becomes wider. Even though the land on the 2nd floor is very limited, you can outsmart it by raising the 2nd floor to expand the area of the house. On the 2nd floor, you can add several rooms, starting from the bedroom, family room, bathroom, laundry room, and others.

Pay is more affordable

The cost of renovating a minimalist level house tends to be more affordable than buying a new house or renovating a house with another model. As the name suggests, minimalist design aims to minimize the use of furniture, interior and other things that are less functional. That way, you can also set a minimalist level home renovation budget to make it more affordable.

More efficient

Renovating a minimalist level house also makes you more efficient. In this case, what is meant by effective is related to the construction of waterways and electricity roads. In the Green Building concept, there are always many floors in one building so that it will continue to be good. This is due to the various channels being made vertically and usually only in one direction. In other words, the renovation of a minimalist level house will not have too many paths that spread throughout all parts of your residential space.

Prioritize function

In the world of architecture and design, minimalism is generally synonymous with principles that prioritize the essence of function. This doesn’t mean that a minimalist level home renovation makes the design very rigid, it’s just that this design has a uniqueness that emphasizes the functionality of an item. The use of furniture and the interior of the house is also only limited to a certain quantity and is not excessive.

Minimalist Level House Design Inspiration

So that the renovation of a minimalist level house goes according to expectations, it is better if you look for as many references as possible about a house with a minimalist design. This will make it easier for you to determine a clear concept. So that you don’t worry, here are some design inspirations for renovating a minimalist level house, including:

Natural design with wood interior

You can renovate a minimalist level house with a natural concept that is complemented by a wooden interior. Design and furniture made of wood can give your home a warm and elegant impression.

To balance the concept of a natural minimalist level house, you can also add plants in several spots. The presence of plants in the house can make the atmosphere fresher and more beautiful. In addition to placing plants inside, you can also use open space to combine the interior of wood and plants as accessories for a minimalist concept.

Neutral color selection

As already mentioned, the minimalist design is synonymous with the concept of using neutral and understated motifs. What’s more, minimalist designs generally don’t use more than 2 colors. You can choose a motif that fits the concept, such as white, gray, cream, and the like.

Neutral motifs can also give the illusion and impression that the room is wider. Not only that, you also need to avoid using flashy colors because it can make the house feel more crowded and full.

Use multifunctional furniture

When renovating a minimalist level house, it’s a good idea to use multifunctional furniture to give a broad, simple, but still elegant impression. You should avoid using excessive furniture because it can make your home more full and crowded. One example of multifunctional furniture that you can choose is a minimalist bookshelf that can be used to store novels as well as a divider between 2 rooms.

Add natural lighting in the house

Minimalist level home renovation will continue to be good if you increase natural lighting in the house. For example, you can use a transparent roof for a semi-open room. In addition to natural lighting, you can also carry the concept of open space. For example, between the living room and dining room is only limited by a small table with a display. Implementing a concept like this makes the room in your home appear more spacious and relieved.


Minimalist Level Home Renovation Guide

Here are some frugal tips on minimalist level home renovations that you can consider, including:

Recognize priority scale

Want to renovate a minimalist level house to be more efficient? Make a priority scale so you don’t renovate the totality of parts of the house. You need to write down what parts need to be renovated, whether the room, family room, or bathroom, or other room. By knowing the priority scale, you will not completely renovate the house.

Create a budget

In any renovation project, make sure to always make a clear budget. If you don’t have a clear picture of the required budget, sometimes there are wastes that may occur. As a result, you end up buying things you don’t need. You can control the budget from savings or financing facilities.

Selection of the right builder services

To renovate a minimalist level house, you can use the services of a builder or contractor. However, make sure to choose the right service because nowadays there are also many irresponsible people who become negligent when carrying out renovations. You also need to monitor regularly to see the work they are doing.

Buy quality, leftover furniture

To save costs for home renovation at a minimalist level, you can buy quality leftover (second hand) furniture. When planning to renovate, you should avoid depending only on certain brands and industries. Choose product alternatives that match your budget.