7 Anti-Mainstream Bathroom Tile Motifs

Want to change the look of your bathroom to be fresher? It’s easy, you can change the old bathroom tile motif with a new and anti-mainstream one. As reported by casaindonesia, many architects, interior designers, and sanitary brands treat the bathroom as the main place of relaxation. So, the selection of tiles or bathroom floors is very important to support your activities in the bathroom.

The tiles selected should be non-slip with a rough texture to avoid slipping or falling in the shower. So, are you ready to choose the right bathroom tile motif for you? Before that, let’s take a look at the following examples of inspiration.

Marble Pattern

Marble is still a favorite to use as a bathroom floor material. The marble motif itself is very suitable for use in the master bathroom because of its luxurious motif. To apply marble in the bathroom, you can refer to five-star hotels that carry the concept of luxury and relaxation in the bathroom. Marble is often installed on the floor and fused to the walls.

Hexagonal Pattern

The small hexagonal ceramic model that is applied to the bathroom not only makes the room look artistic but also comfortable. The density of this ceramic is very safe and will prevent you from slipping. As inspiration, you can use tiny hexagonal tiles with a dark overall color covering the bathroom floor and walls.

Mosaic Motif

Another choice of motifs that are currently popular is the mosaic floor with a natural and simple look. This mosaic motif can create a perfect contrast and unique look in the bathroom. Guaranteed your bathroom can look more eyecating and also anti-mainstream. If you don’t want to apply it to the entire room, you can use it as an accent in a few corners of the bathroom.

Zigzag or Chevron pattern

Zigzag or chevron motifs are increasingly being used in bathrooms because of their unique appearance. Chevron motifs usually consist of two colors. Several color choices that can be applied to the bathroom and make it look more fresh include blue, green or teal. Psychologically, the three colors will give more relaxation to the room so it is very suitable to be applied to the bathroom.

Fish Scale Pattern

Motifs similar to fish scales are usually often seen in Victorian-style architecture. The unique motif is very suitable to be applied as an accent on several bathroom walls. So that the bathroom design feels softer and more comfortable, you can choose natural pastel colors.

Moroccan motifs

Want to give your bathroom an exotic and elegant look? This Moroccan bathroom ceramic has been sold in pairs with various beautiful motifs and colors. So that the bathroom looks not too full, pair the Moroccan motif floor with plain colored bathroom walls such as white or cream. Applying a bedroom with this motif is guaranteed to make you feel at home in the shower for a long time.

Wood Pattern

You don’t have to use real wood, now there are many ceramic manufacturers that offer water-resistant wood motifs. This wood motif will make the bathroom look warmer, you know. Choose elongated tiles like natural wood parquet. Make sure to equip the floor with an anti-slip coating so that it is safe to use in wet areas. Psst, for those of you who like rustic style, this ceramic motif can be the right choice.

There are so many bathroom tile motifs that you can choose according to the design that is carried. In addition to adjusting the motif to the interior design of the room, don’t forget to consider the advantages according to your needs. The overall color of the bathroom must also be considered, so that the bathroom still looks beautiful and calming. So, be wise in choosing which bathroom tiles to use.