How to Choose Kitchen Ceramics Wall

Choosing kitchen ceramics wall shouldn’t be a complicated matter, but with the many choices and materials and adjustments to the concept. Not to mention when all the criteria previously mentioned are suitable but the costs don’t match your pocket. So, so you don’t get confused, let’s follow the guidelines and things to pay attention to when choosing material products.

So, in choosing unique kitchen wall ceramics, of course you need to make sure what kind of kitchen atmosphere you want. If your kitchen is joined to a dining area, then it’s a good idea to think about a kitchen design that has a cleaner and fresher kitchen color and design. The kitchen room is a significant place to build harmony in the household. This is where you will chat a lot at dinner, provide warmth in the family with some tips, types, types and models of kitchen ceramics wall below!

1. Pay attention to ceramics materials

The first guide to choosing ceramics kitchen space is choosing ceramics material. If you want to put ceramics near the stove, make sure choose ceramics with a type of heat-resistant material. This is so that the ceramics does not crack easily when exposed to hot fire.

On the other hand, in the food processing area, you can use ceramics with a shiny finish. The goal is to make it easy to clean when it gets stained. The following are some types of ceramics materials commonly used.

2. Thinking about ceramics color selection

The next guide to selecting kitchen wall ceramics is to override the color selection. The guide to choosing the color of kitchen ceramics wall is that it must be balanced with the color of the floor, decoration, and room.

For matters of color, also adjust it to the lighting in your kitchen. If the light source is not very bright, then choose a bright ceramics color. Likewise, if the light source is bright enough, choose ceramics with colors that are not too flashy.

3. Selecting the appropriate ceramics motifs

The kitchen will look more attractive if the ceramics used is in line with the concept of the room. If your house is a minimalist style, then choose a ceramics kitchen wall model that doesn’t have too many ornaments or motifs.

Currently, there are many choices of ceramics kitchen wall models on the market. So, you must carefully choose which model matches the kitchen theme. The harmony of this theme will further increase the comfort of its occupants, you know!

4. Adjust the ceramics with the dimensions of the room

Choosing kitchen wall ceramics must be familiar with the dimensions of the room. This is done so that your kitchen design looks harmonious. Because, even though the motifs and colors of the kitchen wall ceramics are appropriate, if the sizes don’t match, it will actually look lame.

Not only that, the size of the ceramics used for the kitchen can also determine the impression of a large and small kitchen area. Ceramics that have large dimensions can help make the room wider. On the other hand, small ceramics ceramics can make the kitchen feel smaller.

5. Add Supporting Ornaments

Do you want your kitchen to look more attractive? Don’t forget to add support ornaments! Try to choose ornaments that match the theme of your kitchen so that the designs don’t clash.

6. Familiarize Ceramics Prices with Needs

The next guide to choosing ceramics ceramics is price related. The price of the kitchen wall ceramics that you choose must be adjusted to the budget that you have. Therefore, before buying, you must determine and think about the target budget you will use.

After that, do a price comparison first on several ceramics brands. That way the budget for buying ceramics kitchen space will not increase.

7. Choose a Guaranteed

In addition to price adjustments, you should also look for ceramics that have a guarantee. Don’t hesitate to ask the seller whether the ceramics is guaranteed. The reason is because ceramics will later be delivered in boxes.

As a result, it can be difficult to make sure the condition is good or not before buying it. If there is a warranty, it will definitely make it easier for you to return it if there is damage.

8. Adjust to Your Needs

The last guide to selecting kitchen wall ceramics is to adapt them to your needs. For example, if you want the room to be protected from all stains, look for ceramics that are easy to clean. Keep in mind, don’t let you choose the wrong one so that you don’t overspend. If you don’t know much about the ins and outs of ceramics, you can ask the interior designer to make it clearer.


Types and models of kitchen ceramics

1. Ceramics Hexagonal Kitchen

Bored with monotonous ceramics models? Try this ceramics model. This model will give a wider impression for your dream kitchen. This motif is suitable for those of you who have a dwelling with a minimalist concept. The hexagonal pattern will give a modern and futuristic impression to your kitchen. The hexagonal shaped kitchen ceramics provides very beautiful details but is always simple. Are you interested in applying it?

2. Mediterranean Kitchenware Ceramics

In choosing kitchen space ceramics, Mediterranean symmetrical motifs will be very suitable when applied to your kitchen. You can add colors to motifs that will give a cheerful and unique impression. Choose 3-4 ceramics with different motif colors. After that, pair them alternately. That way the atmosphere in the cooking area will appear more colorful and unique.

3. Ceramics terrazzo kitchen wall

Terrazzo (Terrazzo) is a building material for houses that is used as a covering for floors and rooms or other furniture. The emergence of terrazzo products in Indonesia cannot be separated from the history of the arrival of Dutch colonialism in Indonesia. For those of you who want a unique kitchen concept, you can use this terrazzo wall ceramics. By applying it, you will produce a kitchen that has great artistic value. His irregular motives make him different and unique.

4. Ceramics Mosaic Kitchen Space

Choosing a mosaic model will make the kitchen look modern and artsy. The mosaic model that many interior designers have chosen is a square shape. The form of small boxes with various textures and different colors in one chip will be very beautiful when juxtaposed.

5. Ceramics Wood Kitchenware

Do you want a house with a vintage concept? If so, then you can try using ceramics wood chambers. Wood motifs will give a rustic impression to your kitchen. However, using real wood in the room is definitely quite complicated in the process. As an alternative, use a ceramics pattern for a wooden kitchen for easier maintenance with the same appearance as real wood.

6. Marble Kitchenware Ceramics

Want a beautiful and elegant kitchen concept? Apply this wall ceramics model. The impression of beauty and luxury will suddenly be felt in your kitchen. Marble motifs will give a cool feel to the kitchen. This makes your cooking activities more calm and relaxed. Try to always maintain cleanliness by wiping down the ceramics coating after using the kitchen.

7. Ceramics Kitchen Space Floral

Floral motifs will give a colorful and more cheerful feel to the kitchen. Not only that. The floral motifs also want to minimize visible dirt. Very interesting isn’t it?

8. Emboss Kitchenware Ceramics

Emboss is a method of finishing a large print process that gives a raised effect on certain parts of the surface to be printed. You are advised to use this ceramics for clean kitchen parts. This is due to its textured shape so it will take time to clean it.

9. Ceramics Kitchen Room Motif

There are a variety of kitchen wall ceramics motifs that you can apply. For example, like fish scales, polka dots, boxes, and so on. You just have to adjust it to the concept of your wishes.

10. Brick Kitchen Booth Ceramics

Ceramics brick-style kitchen walls will give a vintage and classic impression to the kitchen. Especially if you use red patterned bricks. No need to use real bricks. Quite a selection of ceramics motifs such as bricks on this one. Easy isn’t it?